Residents living at or near 5th W. expressed their concerns with traffic on the street Thursday evening at the Rigby City Council meeting and requested that something be done.

Resident Jackson Carpenter said the traffic on 5th W. is continuing to grow with more and more people moving into the new subdivisions. With the increased traffic has come speeders. He said there are roughly 10 to 12 kids that often play in the area that are at risk to be hit.

To help reduce to the risk of an accident, Carpenter proposed a four-way stop at Caribou Street and 5th W. along with a possible crosswalk at Sundance and 5th W.

5th W. resident Chris Hunt reiterated Carpenter’s suggestions and discussed a “three prong approach.” He said the first prong is education. To do this he introduced the idea of going door-to-door with pamphlets informing homeowners of the speed limit and the risks of speeding.

The second prong is engineering, or in this case installing stop signs at the abovementioned intersections. And thirdly enforcement that can be accomplished by periodical police patrols.

Hunt said he has already secured a donation from a local business to print the pamphlets if the city decides to go along with the suggestions.

Two other residents spoke during the public comment to agree with Carpenter and Hunt.

Mayor Jason Richardson said he is in favor of Rigby Police Chief Sam Tower doing a traffic study in the area and providing extra patrols.

“To get that under control,” he said.

The council was in agreement that they believe something should be done to help reduce speeding down the street.

“I think it would be totally appropriate to put one (stop sign) there (5th W.),” Councilwoman Nichole Weight said.

The council therefore asked the residents to give them a few weeks to determine the best plan of action. Richardson said it would be October at the earliest.

In other discussion, Public Works Director Mitch Bradley and Richardson presented the council with a proposal for the purchase of a garbage truck that is currently being rented by the city.

Richardson said the city’s 2007 Heil garbage truck that is currently used as a back-up is consistently breaking down and needing repairs. He said the truck that the city is currently renting is available to purchase and that a $15,000 rental credit would be applied.

Bradley said with the recent development and added subdivisions, the city will eventually have to use two trucks a day that currently can’t be accomplished with their two current trucks.

City Clerk Dave Swager said the 2018-2019 budget would need to be opened in order for them to move funds to cover the cost of the garbage truck unless they decide to wait and buy it after Oct. 1. The funds would need to be reallocated to the sanitation fund.

If the council approves the purchase in October; Bradley said could try to sell it for $10,000 but more than likely he’ll either have to trade it in for $5,000 or scrap it and get $8,000.

Before making a decision on if or when the city would purchase the truck, Richardson said a service record would need to be brought to the council.

The next city council meeting is scheduled for Sept. 20.


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