Rigby City Council unanimously agreed to give all city-appointed officials increases for their positions for Nov. 4, 2021. There was no backpay to catch up with the fiscal year.

City Clerk Dave Swagger received a 5% increase, Chief of Police Sam Tower received a 3% increase, Public Works Director Mitch Bradley received a 15% increase, and City Attorney Robin Dunn chose to give his increase to Bradley.

Council member Becky Harrison wished she could give the employees everything.

Burke mentioned that Bradley was on the low end of the deal and should bump it to $82,500, which would be about a 15%.

The council discussed how Bradley has a lot to deal with, and how he may also be dealing with a new rodeo department sometime in the near future.

The council asked if they had room in the budget for a 15% increase, Harrison mentioned the time where the council haggled over whether the city employees would receive a 2-3% increase and that was difficult to allocate into the budget. Swager mentioned it was available in the budget.

According to Swager, the police department comes from only one fund, whereas the Public Works department draws from five different funds.

The council unanimously decided to give Bradley a 15% increase.

Council member Aliza King stated Swager does so much more for the city than just money.

Harrison mentioned she wants Swager to feel the appreciate the city has for his commitment to the city.

Dunn interjected to say he thought Swager does a lot for the city as well.

Swager stated, for himself, he is no more special than the other gentlemen, and would take a 3% increase. Burke then decided to add 2% to give Swager a 5% increase.

The council unanimously agreed to give Swager a 5% increase.

The council then moved on to Dunn, and he said that he doesn’t want an increase.

Since Dunn chose not to have an increase, the council moved on to Tower. Harrison mentioned Tower’s salary only comes out of the police department’s budget.

Harrison personally very grateful for Tower and everything that he has handled over the last two years. However, at this time, with the budget and with other things that have been going on, a 3% increase matching the rest of his force would be good.

The council unanimously approved for Tower to receive a 3% increase.

According to the budget accepted by the city for 2021-2022, the increases for city-appointed officials was included in the accepted budget.

Since payroll was handed out during their meeting, the council decided not to have backpay, and chose to have the increases start Nov. 4, 2021. All of the appointed employees also received a cost of living increase.

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