With a new pediatric center moving in on the north side of Rigby, the city, in the past, made an agreement to help with upgrades to 60 feet of supposedly city-owned property near the pediatric center property.

However, there was one issue with that Rigby Mayor Jason Richardson brought before the city council Aug. 1.

“Here’s a fun little fact,” Richardson said “At some point the city transferred that to (the Idaho Transportation Department), ITD transferred that to the people who own that property. When they sold that property, they own that back 60 feet.”

With the memorandum of understanding (MOU) being based on the idea that the city would allow for upgrades to that property, the agreement needed to be withdrawn. He said the city had been planning to help fund upgrades to the property. Council member Kirk Olsen asked if the property owner would still be able to make the planned upgrades to the property. Richardson said he would be able to do what he wanted since he owned the property, but the city could not be involved.

“It is not our property, and the city on accident or intentionally should not spend city money on somebody’s private commercial (property),” he said.

Council member Doug Burke asked if the property owner was aware of the situation, and city attorney Robin Dunn said he was. Olsen’s motion to rescind the MOU passed with the approval of all present.