The Jefferson County Planning and Zoning department received approval Feb. 8 to begin accepting credit cards for payment in their offices.

According to Planning and Zoning Administrator Kevin Hathaway, he stated that during restrictions that came along due to COVID-19, the office began accepting building plan and applications electronically.

During that time, contractors asked about the option of paying with credit or debit cards for convenience. Treasurer Kristine Lund told commissioners Feb. 8 that the office could offer that service at no cost to the county and they were approved to begin the process of setting up that service with Access Idaho.

Hathaway said they are now accepting payments for permits and other items with credit or debit cards. It is optional and no fees are retained by the county. The user will pay a 2.5% transaction charge to the service provider though if they choose to pay with a card.

“They generally have a 3% charge plus $1 but I figured that because most of the transactions in the Planning and Zoning office will be larger, I negotiated the fee down,” Lund said.

According to Lund, most of the county offices already operate with Access Idaho and the Planning and Zoning office, one of the last offices to start accepting cards, was able to be added to the plan for free. A card reader will be available in the physical office at the county building but not payments won’t be accepted online.