The Upper Snake River reservoir system is at 80 percent capacity as of Feb. 3 after a week of warmer temperatures and rain.

Despite reservoir levels being near capacity, the snow water equivalent is currently below the median levels for a majority of the basins. Above Palisades the snow water equivalent is 85 percent of average, while the Henrys Fork is 92 percent of average.

During the month of January, the snow water equivalent above Palisades was 83 percent of average, compared to 99 percent in 2018. Likewise, the Henrys Fork equivalent decreased from 87 percent in 2018 to 81 in January.

Last year the reservoir system continued to be at record high contents through December, and the snowpack in the Snake River Basin above Palisades was above the median level at 112 percent.

As of Feb. 3, roughly 3.2 million acre-feet of the reservoir system was filled compared to 3.5 million acre-feet this time last year. Despite being lower than the previous year, the basin is still above its average of 2.4 million acre-feet this time of year.

Precipitation accumulation since Oct. 1 is also below average.

The current reservoir levels are as followed: Henrys Lake– 93 percent; Island Park Reservoir– 89 percent; American Falls Reservoir– 83 percent; Jackson Lake– 78 percent; Ririe Reservoir– 59 percent.

The current flows are as followed: Heise— 1,251 cubic-feet per second (cfs); Lorenzo— 736 cfs; Henrys Fork near Rexburg 1,993 cfs; Henrys Fork at St. Anthony 2,019 cfs.

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