The Rigby City Council announced the names of the new Urban Renewal Agency Thursday night, after the council took over the board in April 2018.

The new board will include Doug Corbett, Becky Marler, Steve Abbott, Tonya Hillman, Benson Taylor and Adam Hall. Abbott and Hillman were former members of the Urban Renewal Board, before its dissolution and Hall and Taylor are both city councilman.

Mayor Jason Richardson said the city will now need to publish an ordinance before the new members become part of the board.

The former board also consisted of Clark Lemmon and Dave Metzger. After learning of the board’s dissolution, Lemmon and Abbott resigned.

Since taking over the board, the city council members have continued to discuss fiber optics, however no action has taken place.

Before its dissolution, the former board was in a variety of projects throughout the City of Rigby, including the acquisition of the playground equipment in South Park and the downtown revitalization project.

The council also approved the reappointment of Planning and Zoning Commissioner Roger Warner after his two terms had expired. The council was able to reappoint Warner for a third term after 2/3 of the board approved the appointment.

Richardson said Warner has extensive experience on the board and currently resides in the Rigby area of impact.

“I would really appreciate it if the council kept him for a third term,” he said.

Richardson said the planning and zoning board is still missing one member and another is set to expire soon.

Lastly, Richard Lee was appointed to the Rigby Airport Board.

“He’s very involved in the board,” Richardson said. “I think it’s great that they (airport board) want him involved even more.”

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