Rigby City Council is applying for an Idaho Community Development Block Grant for the Central Park, also known as Rigby City Park. The council approved to move forward with applying for the grant during their Aug. 26 meeting.

Kristine Staten, who works for The Development Company out of Rexburg, stated the city is planning to apply for a $225,000 block grant.

According to the council’s request, they would like to connect all four sides of the park through a sidewalk and put in a men and women’s bathroom unit. Staten mentioned they could name the park after NFL Hall of Famer Larry Wilson, which was brought earlier in the meeting.

Staten stated they were taking public comment for seven days from Aug. 26.

Council member Aliza King asked why they were putting in a bathroom, considering the previous ones were vandalized. Mayor Jason Richardson said they went through three toilets during that year, but these ones are going to be stainless steel.

King asked if they could have a nightly lock-in for the bathrooms, and Richardson stated that the city could do that.

Richardson asked if they could come back to this proposal in a second.

Former Rigby City Council member and current Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Commissioner Adam Hall stated it was his and Todd Stowell’s goal to take the park to the next level. Hall reaffirmed the city is planning on taking the park to the next level, which is great.

According to Hall, for the past couple of years, he and Stowell have thought about putting power in the park. They have had people that are in the car show and sponsors that have said they would be willing to donate labor and money to help make it happen.

“We’re proposing an idea where we put a lot of power in the park,” said Hall. “To put street lights in the park and some power boxes. We are not proposing a night show yet, but we would like to incorporate nights into our show.”

Hall stated the power in the park is pretty weak where they do have power. Hall proposed adding power boxes every twenty feet so there could be enough power for everyone who participated in Hot Classic Nights and other events throughout the year.

Hall stated he believes putting lights in can open more doors for the park. The city could offer nighttime baseball games for travel leagues who are looking for cities to play their games in. The benefit is it’s going to beef up power in the park for every event that is done there.

“Part of our game plan is we would love to see sidewalks and bathrooms, so I guess from the city perspective, it would be figuring out if the city is interested in our help,” said Hall. “The electrical alone would be $50,000, and Hot Classic Nights would put money in every year; we want to kick in about $10,000.”

According to Hall, they are not asking for money, they just want the council’s approval to move forward with planning on putting more power in the park and utilizing Fibercom’s boring drill.

Council member Roark Burke motioned to have Hot Classic Nights bring their ideas to the council and put their money towards the grant money.

The council unanimously approved to have Hot Classic Nights help with the improvements to the park.

The council then circled back to the Block Grant application, and the council moved to ask City Deputy Clerk Angie Hill if she would be able to write it; if not, they would have Staten write and administer the grant.

In a later conversation with Richardson, he asked Hill if she would be able to write the proposal for the grant, and she informed him that it would be best to leave it to The Development Company.

The council agreed to pay $3,000 for Staten to write the proposal for the grant.

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