The Rigby City Council removed their Request for Proposals, or RFP, on solid waste collections at their meeting Oct. 1 after concerns were voiced over the clarity and proceedings of the request.

The RFP was placed to possibly hire a private company for trash collection as opposed to the city completing the collections.

“The city is just getting too big,” Public Works Director Mitch Bradley said. “We want to find a cheaper way besides having to purchase a new dump truck and hiring another person to collect for two of the five days.”

Three companies shared proposals with a committee of council members, PSI, Eagle Rock Sanitation and Grandpa’s Trash Service.

“The city is going to resubmit and do the process again because there were some procedural things that weren’t followed correctly,” City Clerk Dave Swager said. “I’m not sure yet when they’ll be doing it though.”

According to Rigby Mayor Jason Richardson, when looking at RFPs, there are two types that can be looked at; the scope of the work or the cost of the project. The different types have different protocols.

“We had kind of a combo of the two going when we looked through them,” Richardson said. “I anticipate redoing it at our next city council meeting.”

The city council’s next meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Oct. 15. Once the request is redone, they council will wait for companies to submit their proposals and then go through the process again with the correct proceedings.

Richardson stated that Bradley would be informing the original companies of the redo.