The Rigby City Council is considering a modification to its R2 ordinance related to parking after Mayor Jason Richardson explained some of his concerns with the current ordinance.

He indicated that in married housing and other city apartments, residents and couples tend to have roommates, allowing them to split the cost of the rent, which Richardson said isn’t a problem, the problem however stems from the additional vehicles that were not previously anticipated when designing the building.

“Our codes are kind of based on one family living in the apartments, which is about two cars,” he said. “Now we have multiple families living in the same apartment, you’re getting more cars.”

Richardson said Rexburg is already experience a similar issue, and that it is starting in Rigby. To get ahead of the issue he suggested they start looking at the ordinance and making any necessary changes.

“We’re going to do a survey to see how much it is happening,” he said. “I don’t want to get so far down the road that we end up like Rexburg with our parking.”

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