Rigby Mayor declares "Back in Business" Day

Rigby Mayor Jason Richardson

Rigby Mayor Jason Richardson declared June 27 as the city’s “Back in Business Day” at the city council meeting June 18.

As Idaho and the world faced the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Brad Little took steps to slow the spread of coronavirus in the state by implementing stay-at-home orders and the closure of non-essential businesses.

As the numbers in the state slowed, Idaho began a phased reopening with four stages.

In stage three, which began May 30, the majority of businesses were able to resume operations.

The proclamation states, “Whereas the local businesses in Rigby provide most of the support for our parades, festivals, and beautification downtown... Rigby actively supports our local businesses as they return to full operation in order to provide for their families and continue to serve our community.”

Residents are encouraged to shop at local Rigby businesses and to utilize services not only June 27, but throughout the year to help the local economy rebound.

“I’m absolutely excited to issue this proclamation,” Richardson said. “I’m excited that Rigby is able to get back to work on bounce back.”