Rigby Middle Schoolers and staff had the chance to wind down May 24 for the end of the school year with a basketball game, celebration of accomplishments, and send-off for outgoing principal Sherry Simmons.

Simmons will be taking over from Chad Martin as director of secondary education. Martin, meanwhile, has gone on to become Jefferson School District’s superintendent.

Richard Howard will succeed Simmons as principal, and he was welcomed by students and staff in “Trojan style” after the cheering for Simmons died down.

After recognizing the incoming and outgoing principals, students received recognition and applause for their accomplishments in the past year. The seventh grade girls’ basketball team went undefeated this season. Nick Parr and Tru Prescott were nominated Top All Stars for the Eastern Idaho Science Bowl. The boys’ track team members were conference champions. Finally, RMS’s National FFA Organization chapter — the only middle school chapter in the state — received recognition for the number of accomplishments by its members: Rangeland Evaluation, 7th in State — Hayden Griffeth, Will Warner, Tayrn Sessions and Gracie Andrus; Northern Utah Invitational Hors e Evaluation, 2nd Place — Eryn Harris (2nd high individual); Idaho State Horse Evaluation, 3rd in State: Taryn Sessions (6th high Individual), Hayden Griffeth, Makae Hogge and Eryn Harris.

As for the basketball games, the score was close. English and special education teacher John Avila played music like “We Will Rock You” and “Baby Shark” as teams dribbled and made their shots. The eighth grade girls’ and boys’ basketball team faced off against teachers and administrators in separate games, with the competing teams performing at relatively the same level.

“It’s really fun to see the kids play. Each side thinks they’re going to win. We never really know what’s going to happen,” Simmons said. “But this year we didn’t have to pad the scores so the adults would win.”

Ultimately, the boys and men tied, but the staff pulled an extra six points in the female game, resulting in a final score of 39-33 in favor of teachers and administrators. Math teacher and RMS coach Nichole Nordstrum, who played post-center during the game, said the girls played “an awesome game.”

“This gritty bunch of eighth grade girls have a lot of talent,” she said.

The boys and men, however, will have their chance to have a definitive winner in 2020, at the next end-of-year game.

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