Rigby City Planning and Zoning denied annexing and zone designating three properties located on Yellowstone Highway: E 244 N, 206 N and 198 N.

James Boone, who requested the annexation and zone designation, has brought this request to the commissioners before in a previous meeting.

All the properties are a part of the same application, according to Boone. It would extend the city limits to include the furthest south property, 198 N Yellowstone Highway. Boone stated the other two property owners, Jason Richie and the Bagley family are also in agreement. However, the Richies said they did not agree to this or talk about it. The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) was also a part of this annexation request, and Boone stated it didn’t make a difference to them if they were annexed or not because they were already on city services.

Boone would like to keep his one acre parcel commercial, while his other six acre parcel would have an R-2 buffer to the east and south and then the rest would be R-3 and have multi-family housing.

Commissioner Dan Stowell then opened the public comment portion of the meeting.

There were several residents and business owners who spoke against the annexation.

Craig Hart, one of the owners and a representative of Rocky Mountain produce, spoke against the annexation. Hart was concerned it was a very industrial area, and adding homes may not be in everyone’s interest. Another concern Hart mentioned was, since the city put the school in, they had room for one turn lane, so there’s not enough room for turn-lanes with increased traffic it would make it a mess.

Terry Ray, who owns Rayco Plating, and Todd Porter, who has property next to Boone’s property on Yellowstone Highway, both spoke against the annexation, and stated it’s all commercial, and their concern is, if they are going to build apartments or homes, he can see people complaining in their homes while his business is working late. Ray is concerned he could lose his business because people won’t like the noise.

Cindy Gilson, whose property borders Boone’s property, was against the annexation and zoning of residential because she didn’t know how many homes were going in and it seemed like a lot of conglomeration. There’s a lot of traffic in the area, according to Gilson, and she doesn’t want it to be more congested.

Jason Rush and Dennis Gilson also spoke against the annexation and zone designation.

The public comment portion was then closed.

Boone was able to then comment, stating Ray and Porter’s concerns about having the residents complain about their businesses working late nights was a real concern. According to Boone, he wants to protect their interests.

The plan Boone stated he has been working on would be to have access points off of 200 N; he understood there would be additional traffic in the area.

Sutherland stated, since there were concerns brought up about antifreeze and oil being dumped on the property that is asking to be annexed for commercial homes, Sutherland wanted Public Works Director Mitch Bradley’s comments.

Bradley then stated the city would have to extend it’s waterlines into this property. Bradley had reached out to DEQ, and they would require a Level 1 Environmental Study before the waterlines would be extended. According to Bradley, the DEQ would work for the city but Boone would be paying for the study.

The sewer isn’t the part that bothers Bradley, it’s putting the water into ground that could possibly be contaminated.

Sutherland asked, if new soil had to be brought in to be put on top of contaminated soil, it was his understanding there could be no building on the property for a number of years so the soil could be displaced, which Bradley confirmed.

The council then talked about traffic on that road. Bradley mentioned the school district did purchase property on 200 N to build another school, so traffic is coming to that road and will get worse. Bradley stated the traffic study will show that the road will be congested.

Sutherland commented that he is uncomfortable with zoning this residential. He doesn’t see it as being a good fit for the city.

The council unanimously decided to deny the application for annexation and zone designation for all three properties on Yellowstone Highway.

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