The Rigby Public Works department awarded the bid for chip sealing projects to H&K Contractors at the city council meeting March 18.

Three companies approached Public Works Director Mitch Bradley for the project with two returning in estimates for chip sealing along several roads.

Bradley said they have already decided which roads will be done in 2021, starting at the north crosswalk on State Street and Main Street and all of State Street will be chip sealed to 4th N.

Then they plan to come back to 3rd N. and sealing all the way towards 3rd W. Bradley said they’ve also planned to ship seal starting at 2nd S. 1st W. and going to 3rd N.

Currently they’ve also planned to chip seal from Hwy. 48 to Tall Ave. on 3rd W. but this could change due to the construction going on in that area this year. If they’re unable to do this portion, they will instead chip seal all of 2nd S. from State Street to 3rd W.

“The reason we picked these roads is because when I hired asphalt maintenance, we took a look at the roads and picked the ones that are the worst with cracking,” Bradley explained. “We did crack sealing last year and this year we need to chip seal over that so the roads don’t breakup anymore on us. On 3rd W. and 1st N., we had construction there last year and we need to cover the new asphalt that was laid down.”

H&K Contractors bid $2.70 a unit for seal coat and fog coat, totaling $142,375. TMC Contractors bid $153,765 for the same coverage at $2.50/unit.

According to Bradley, TMC has done the city’s work for the last four years and H&K did work for the city the year before. With H&K bidding lower, they were awarded the bid by the city council with the work to be completed between July 2nd and Aug. 7.

“I always set those dates just because it’s about the hottest time of the year,” Bradley said. “The fog coat sets up a lot quicker because people don’t like it when you say ‘you can’t drive down this road.’ So the hotter it is, the faster it dries and the less chewings we get.”