The City of Rigby received a bid of $150,000 bid on a lot donated to the city by Brad Hall, who was the only bidder for the parcel at the meeting Jan. 7.

Hall owns several gas stations in the city and was thanked by councilmembers for his investment in the community after the auction closed.

Rigby originally planned to trade the corner parcel of land at 48 and 4100 E with the Hailey Creek Subdivision in order to create a park near South Fork Elementary School.

The land was donated by Miles Anderson who originally purchased the land as an investment property. Anderson now lives in Hawaii and donated the property to the city with the stipulation that it be used for a park in honor of teacher Elizabeth Thayer.

They hoped to trade the land because “Highway 48 is a really busy road and isn’t ideal for a park,” said Public Works Director Mitch Bradley previously.

Due to legal parameters set on donations to the city, Rigby ultimately had to set a minimum bid price on the property instead of being able to trade, which was set at $150,000.

In the trade, Kartchner Homes would have obtained the lot in exchange for 2.5 acres directly south of South Fork Elementary.

City Clerk Dave Swager said the city has not decided on where they will be purchasing land following the auction but it will be used as a park per Anderson’s wishes.

The Jefferson Star was unable to contact Brad Hall for what he plans to do with his newly purchased real estate.