The city of Rigby will be seeking funds through the CARES Act for two projects.

The city has already been approved for $6,800 for a camera and recording system that will be used to stream city council meetings and at the city dump.

Rigby Police Department Chief Sam Tower stated the department is working with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office to purchase additional radios for mobile systems and portable radios, allowing officers to minimize the sharing and switching off of radios.

“The current model we’re cycling out of is no longer supported,” Tower told city council members. “We have to remain in compliance with the 700 frequency so it’s a boom both ways on that.”

Tower also stated the Rigby PD was looking for funding to purchase new vests, which are normally handed down to new officers until a new once arrives. Vests, which are difficult to clean, are also traded around if officers are the same size.

“Every officer I know started with a hand me down, and you just want a new vest,” Tower told council members. “They’re pretty bad.”

City Clerk Dave Swager stated that there is $144,000 available to the city through the CARES Act. The estimated cost for the radios is $41,500 and the vests will cost approximately $10,500.

Requests through the CARES Act can take approximately two weeks for approval, which Swager says is a result of a high number of requests going through the system.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act aims to provide relief from unforeseen expenses due to the COVID-19 pandemic or to assist in the purchase of projects that will help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.