Rigby Urban Renewal gives project updates

The rodeo barns will act as storage in the winter months and removable stalls, which are being built by the Rigby FFA, will be placed in the building in the summer.

The Rigby Urban Renewal Agency, or RURA, discussed current projects at their meeting Oct. 22.

Project Updates

Rodeo Barns – The RURA began discussing the possibility of replacing the barns in July 2020 as barns in Idaho Falls and Rexburg began to close their doors, giving Rigby an opportunity to make money to rent out barns.

Teton West was awarded the project bid to do the barns for $176,606 in August with expectations for the project to be completed in approximately three months.

As of Oct. 22, the concrete had been completed, with the steel having arrived for the structural and siding of the building. This building will be used for winter storage of RVs, boats and other things. According to Steve Cook or Rigby Parks and Rodeo, storage is already completely sold out for the season.

“They’re going to be portable stalls that Rigby FFA is building,” Cook said. “In the summer, it’ll be barns that will go up when it gets warm and once the season ends, it will be a storage area that we’ll be able to rent out for storage.”

The urban renewal commissioners then passed a motion to approve putting in fencing the ends of the building for security that will cost no more than $5,000.

100 W Main – The building that previously housed Me N’ Stans will be demolished in the coming weeks.

The board originally looked into buying the building in 2019, but the previous owners had purchased the building to turn it into offices or retail. During the process of remodeling, the owners ran into asbestos, putting plans on hold until the RURA moved to purchase the building in 2020.

The agency has already carried out asbestos abatement, which cost $11,000, and moved Oct. 22 to authorize the project consultant and RURA Chair Steve Abbott to solicit bids for demolition and award the best bid under $50,000 the project.

The commissioners would like the work to begin as soon as possible due to the approaching winter weather, according to the meeting draft minutes.

Brent Tolman, Rigby Urban Renewal Administrator with Outwest Policy Advisors, previously said that the agency wanted to fill in the hole where the courtyard is now so the area would be completely flat for development.

Most recently, Abbott stated that the cost to fill in the courtyard lot next to the Me N’ Stans building costs quite a bit of money. Their plan now is to demolish the building and fence off the courtyard for safety purposes. It will be up to future developers in moving forward with how to address the courtyard area.

Vacant lot purchase – Following an executive session, the RURA commissioners motioned to purchase the vacant lot west of Me N’ Stans by 100 W Main St. for costs not to exceed $80,000.