Ririe board clerk awarded Clerk of the Year

Soda Springs School District Board of Trustee and Former Idaho School Boards Association President Jim Stoor presents Ririe Joint School District No. 252 Board Clerk Kristi Hamilton with the 2018 Clerk of the Year award at the 76th Annual Convention in Boise. 

Ririe Joint School District No. 252 Board Clerk Kristi Hamilton was recognized as the Idaho School Boards Association 2018 Clerk of the Year at the 76th Annual Convention in Boise.

According to and Idaho School Boards Association press release, Hamilton’s peers nominated her because of how valuable of an asset she is and her dedication to everything she does.

“When faced with a challenging task, which requires a lot of research and organization, she is always up for the challenge,” District Superintendent Chad Williams said. “She sets an example of dedication, hard work and good character for all to follow.”

“Kristi is the glue that holds our board together. She is always prepared and very quick and knowledgeable with any answers we need,” Board Chairman Jason Ferguson said. “Through her 16 years of service, her value is immeasurable.”

“She has helped instill in me the work ethic that now keeps me studying for ‘just one more hour,’” Ririe High School Cheerleading Captain Kate Miller said. “She teaches us to not give up, bring spirit to the school and community, to be a good example for others to follow and to give 100 percent in everything you do.”

In addition to being a board clerk, Hamilton serves at the district secretary and handles all reporting for the Idaho System for Education Excellence for the district which helps the state create data driven decisions and is the cheerleading advisor.

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