The Ririe Joint School District No. 252 Board of Trustees unanimously voted to adopt a new curriculum for Ririe Elementary School May 16 after Principal Glenn Romney told the board that they are unhappy with the current curriculum.

Romney indicated that a few of the teachers have tried a pilot program for Discovery for the past two months, but have realized that it is not as effective in the lower grades, but is highly effective in the upper grades. According to draft minutes from the meeting, Romney said the program is tech based rather than textbooks.

“He commented that it is more modern, more interactive,” draft minutes state.

With the Discovery program, students will still be taught by teachers and that students will also be able to access the work at home.

The school’s current program, Star Test, has reportedly remained “stagnate” which is part of the reason they would like to transition to something new.

Another program introduced was iStation. Romney said the school has been using the pilot for this and mentioned that it is a much better program.

“The students and the staff are both loving it,” draft minutes state.

With each program, Romney said the textbook costs will be “astronomically” higher. The proposed curriculum is a five year program, and if after five years the teachers and students dislike it, they can try something new.

With that, the trustees unanimously approved the new curriculum.

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