The City of Ririe held a public hearing on new impact fees, capacity fees, water and sewer connection, and sewer fees.

Ririe Planning and Zoning Administrator Sharon Parry stated that what the city council recessed and did not hold a vote on any fees, they’re being extremely thoughtful and deliberate in the process before implementing anything.

“It went very well and those that spoke understood the need for the fees,” Parry said. “They’re concern is more on the final numbers for what fees will be and not the implementation of fees.”

According to Parry, comments were made by John J.T. Anderson, Ryan Webster, Jeremiah Bigelow and Jared May. Anderson is a builder that works with Bigelow, Webster is a realtor and May is a possible developer from Farmington, Utah.

There were no members of the community or developers that spoke against implementing new fees.

“They’re [the council] trying to decide which fees to do and how much to set them at – they’re really making sure they have all the information before just jumping into an action item,” Parry said.

Anderson stated that for him as a developer, he recognizes the need for responsible growth and the need for impact fees.

“I’ve dealt with impact fees before but the when the city gets exorbitant costs for fees, it’s difficult to find that middle ground,” Anderson said. “We aren’t Jackson Hole or Sun Valley. We’re trying to build affordable houses for people that want to live in Ririe”

Bigelow stated previously in an email sent to The Jefferson Star that the city was discussing anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000 which would stop any growth from happening in the city.

“We’ve got to find something that works for both,” Anderson said. “There’s good people out here with tough decisions. I don’t envy them.”

Ririe first created an Impact Fee Advisory Committee in Nov. of 2020 to look at impact fees for the city, as the city engineer calculated the water capacity fee to be $9,905 and a sewer capacity fee of $5,918, with the studies having taken place over the last year.

Parry previously said that Ririe could double in size over the next ten years with the number of applications that have been received to build in the area.