To bring all school facilities up to 100%, Ririe School District No. 252 would need to spend $5.6 million, based on a building analysis completed for Ririe’s new 10-year facility plan.

The kindergarten center, elementary school and junior-senior high school are all in fair condition, with the elementary school in the worst condition of the three, according to an analysis of the buildings. The elementary school is the oldest of the buildings, having been built 55 years ago in 1964. The junior-senior high school agriculture shop building, built in 2010, is in good condition, according to the analysis.

By school, complete upgrades are expected to cost $42,000 for the kindergarten center, $3.4 million for the elementary school, $2.1 million for the junior-senior high school and $70,000 for the shop building. Jeff Gee, district superintendent, said the district will not necessarily make all the upgrades within the next 10 years.

“Overall, our buildings are in good shape,” Gee said. “It (the 10-year facilities plan) just gives us an idea of where we’re at.”

Gee said the estimates inform the district’s maintenance plan, which can be completed as the district has the money for upgrades and repairs. He said the district is currently looking at updating heating and cooling in the elementary school. In the analysis, heating at the elementary school received a “poor” rating and cooling was “unsatisfactory.”

In a 10-year funding plan, the district would need to raise $560,000 per year to cover all upgrades. That number increases to $1.1 million per year in a five-year funding plan and $2.8 million in a two-year funding plan. The plan also includes costs to replace the buildings, which are $320,000 for the kindergarten center, $13.2 million for the elementary school, $15.9 million for the junior-senior high school and $870,000 for the high school shop.

Part of the plan also includes how full each building in the district is. According to the plan, in 2018-2019, the district was nearly filled to capacity, with the kindergarten center at 112% with 38 students in a 34-student building, the elementary school at 88% with 301 students in a 342-student building and the junior-senior high school at 102% with 363 students in a 357-student building. In 2019-2020, enrollment has further increased, according to the district website. Numbers are at 44 students in the kindergarten center, or 129% capacity; 342 at the elementary school, 90% capacity; and 376 at the junior-senior high school, 105% capacity.

Gee said another take away from the 10-year-plan meeting was how well the Ririe school maintenance department has been doing, with building issues mostly related to their being old. He said Rich Baucher, the man who reported the 10-year plan information to the board of trustees, was “very complimentary of our maintenance department.” According to the Sept. 25 draft meeting minutes, Baucher said “from the standpoint of good, clean buildings, (Ririe school buildings) stack up high.”

Trustees approved the 10-year plan in a special meeting Sept. 25.