During the Ririe School Board meeting held Aug. 18, Superintendent Jeff Gee reminded the board about their previously discussed comments that were made to post on the School Board Norms wall in the Board Norm.

Superintendent Jeff Gee asked the board for more guidance to know specifically what they feel the “norms” are and where they would like them to be posted.

Board chair Rebecca Andreasen stated the “norms” should come with information surrounding Board Etiquette. Andreasen mentioned one of the “norms” is that school board meetings are a meeting in the public, but not a public meeting. Andreasen mentioned expectations in a school board meeting are good to review so everyone knows what is and is not allowed.

Gee clarified that it’s a meeting of the board that the public is invited to, and people are allowed to comment. It is a meeting for the board and nothing more than that.

“One of the reasons we talked about posting norms and expectations in a board meeting is if nobody knows what the expectations are, then you can’t hold somebody to them,” said Andreasen.

Board member Nathan Johnson asked where these would be put, and Andreasen clarified that it would be a poster on the wall where those attending the meeting could find information about the etiquette of a school board meeting to find answers to questions such as how to get on the agenda.

Gee stated he could bring to the board a list of things surrounding school board etiquette and see what the board would like to take off or add.

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