The recent rainstorms the past couple weeks have stalled Jefferson County Road and Bridge and Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species crews from proceeding with spring work.

Road and Bridge and Noxious Weeds Administrators Dave Walrath and Mitch Whitmill reported the recent delays during a staff meeting May 28.

“The rain is wreaking havoc,” Walrath said.

He indicated that the department is trying to work around the storms and was working to replace culverts, one on North Yellowstone that was starting to wash out and another northwest of Roberts on 2700 E. that has also rotted.

“It (culvert on North Yellowstone) still hasn’t been paved because of the weather,” he said.

Walrath said numerous of the county’s culverts are close to the same age so they tend to go out around the same time.

During stretches of rainstorms, Walrath said the department sprays magnesium chloride on the gravel roads throughout the county.

He indicated that the department is planning to start its bituminous surface treatments on several of the county’s roads this week, but it is weather dependent. The program will continue through July.

“We’re trying to get stuff done but the weather is not cooperating,” Whitmill said.

Like road and bridge, Whitmill said they are trying to spray in between storms. He said they are still ahead of schedule because of the warm dry weather the area experienced earlier this spring.

During dry spells he said they are spraying the county’s right-of-ways and putting growth regulators on the recently planted grasses.

Whitmill said during rainstorms the department tends to focus on ground sterilants and spraying parking areas. He said they also do maintenance around the department’s shop in Roberts noting that there is always something that needs repaired.

They are currently putting up a fence around the shop they were able to continue to install.

“There’s always something broke that needs repairs,” Whitmill said.

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