The Roberts City Council and Mayor proposed a pay increase for the mayor and council members during their city council meeting that was held Aug. 10. Mayor BJ Berlin presented Ordinance #557, regarding increased compensation for elected council officials.

The increase for the mayor was from $500 to $700 a month, and the city council pay was increased by $25 from $125 to $150 a month.

According to Mayor BJ Berlin, the mayor’s job has become much more involved than it used to be due to state and federal regulations, so it is more time consuming than it has been in the past. The council had decided to suggest increasing the pay, which would also be beneficial for mayors and councils in the future.

According to the newly adopted ordinance, as of January 1, 2022, the salaries of the Mayor and the members of the Roberts City Council will be increased: the mayor’s monthly salary will be $700 and the city council’s monthly salary will be $150.

As stated during the council meeting, all ordinances and parts of ordinances that are in conflict with the newly adopted ordinance were repealed in the extent of such conflict.

Berlin asked if there was anyone who wanted to have discussion or comment about the increase and there were none.

Council member Edidt Sanchez motioned to adopt the ordinance, which was then unanimously approved by the council to have the pay increase established at the first of the new year.

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