Jefferson County Sheriff Steve Anderson is planning to negotiate how much the Jefferson County Jail is charged for City of Rigby services, after learning that the city is planning to the department for all 64 of the jail’s units.

Anderson said they received a letter from the city that stated it has under-billed the jail for the past few months.

“They want to charge us per unit,” he said during the April 1 Jefferson County Board of Commissioners meeting.

Anderson indicated that he was going to speak with Rigby Mayor Jason Richardson to see if they could pay what the average expense is for six months as a flat rate fee.

“And pay that baseline every six months,” he said.

Part of the reason he said he wants to propose it that way is because the number of inmates is always changing. Therefore the department could be billed for 64 units and only have half of them filled.

Another option Anderson proposed was basing it off of the number of sinks and toilets the jail has that are being used.

The estimated bill if the city charges the county for all 64 units was roughly an additional $2,100 per month. County Clerk Colleen Poole told The Star April 3 that the department is typically charged $800 to $900 per month.

“We got a bill that was $2,100 more than that,” she said.

Anderson said he was planning to speak with Richardson on April 2.

“I will talk with him (Richardson),” he said. “He was willing to work with us.”

Anderson told The Star April 3 that he briefly spoke to Richardson about the payment, but now believes it will need to be handled with the Board of Commissioners.

In other action, the commissioners approved the department’s contracts with cities of Jefferson County for the department’s services.

Anderson said it’s a base contract where the cities pay for law enforcement. For example the City of Menan is contracted for 17 hours per month. Other cities contracted include Lewisville, Roberts and Ririe.

“We have never raised their price since I have been sheriff,” Anderson said. “We don’t need to at this point. We think it’s sufficient for what we’ve been doing.”

The commissioners unanimously approved the contracts.

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