Snowy holidays pushed plow operators from their homes and into the streets Dec. 25 and Jan. 1, and also pushed a few closer to the maximum amount of compensatory time allowed.

“I don’t know why it is, but we always seem to get hit on holidays, holidays and weekends,” said Dave Walrath, county road and bridge administrator.

Walrath said multiple workers had wracked up 60 to 70 hours of compensatory time. The maximum amount allowed is 80 hours.

Jefferson County commissioners voted last week to raise the cap to allow compensatory pay for up to 120 hours, in case the weather continues to require plow operators to come out on holidays and weekends. Walrath said the hours will be managed “as weather allows,” and said there are only two holidays left to worry about — Martin Luther King Day and Presidents Day.

“And it’ll probably snow on both of them,” Commissioner Scott Hancock said with a laugh. “That’s what it’s been doing.”

Walrath said outside of snowy holidays, the winter overall has been a “piece of cake.”