The Lewisville City Council approved a ten lot subdivision to be annexed into their city during their July 14 meeting. The subdivision will be located on the NW corner of Lewisville on 500 N and 3400 E.

The applicant for the subdivision, which is to be called Countryside Meadows, is Timothy Kiser.

Jefferson County Planning and Zoning discussed annexing a portion of the subdivision into Lewisville at a previously held meeting in July. Administrator Kevin Hathaway stated the city and county are working together on the platting as if it is an area of impact.

“It’s a participatory agreement between the city and the county,” said Hathaway. “The city has gone ahead with the agreement and also has an agreement with the developers. If it’s adopted, one of the conditions is the city will annex it.”

Hathaway stated the county is working cooperatively with Lewisville to make sure this is an appropriate preliminary hearing for this preliminary plat.

According to Hathaway, when looking at the preliminary plat, you have to look at all of the requirements; are the roads the right widths; are the lot sizes correct where it’s being proposed, is the use that it’s being platted for compliant with the zoning? Hathaway stated these are the things the commission will go over during the preliminary plat hearing, then the commission can make modifications to the application to make sure that it fits accordingly and then take action from that point.

According to Lewisville City Mayor George Judd, the plat is designed where there will be large homes on plots ranging from sizes of 2.5 acres to 5.5 acres. The road will be a private road and end in a cul-de-sac.

The preliminary hearing will go over the preliminary plat as well as the final plat. Hathaway stated the only way this can happen is if the subdivision has a maximum of ten lots.

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