Two new clubs have been starting up at Rigby High School.

The Community Service Education Alliance and Water Polo Club were both approved to go Sept. 11 by the Jefferson Joint School District No. 251 Board of Trustees. Here is what each club will offer to students:

Water Polo Club

In 2016, water polo was among the fastest growing sports in the United States, according to data from USA Water Polo and the National Federation of High School Associations. Now, Rigby High School will be contributing to that growth with the school’s new club team. Club coach and high school art teacher Ryan Hancock said he is excited to get the team going and compete with other organizations in the state.

“There is already a presence in Idaho across the state,” he said.

Hancock himself is from San Diego and grew up playing water polo. He said the idea to start the club came up after a few swimmers expressed interest in playing the sport more competitively. So far, Hancock said about seven or eight boys have expressed interest along with five or six girls. He said the team will initially be co-ed, though he said he hopes the school will eventually have two teams.

“That would be my goal too, is to be able to field a girls’ team and a boys’ team,” Hancock said.

Hancock said the team will practice at the Idaho Falls Aquatic Center once or twice per week but meet about four times total for additional training. He said the plan is to have the team compete at the state tournament in February, and potentially compete in other tournaments throughout the season depending on cost and team preparedness.

Hancock said like other sports, water polo encourages teamwork and skill-building. He said it is also as challenging as football and rugby.

“Water polo is just as intense as those,” Hancock said. “But it’s in the water, so it adds another level of difficulty.”

Money for equipment, travel and other club expenses will come from various fundraisers, as well as student membership fees. Hancock said those fees have not yet been decided and how much they are will depend on whether the team becomes affiliated with USA Water Polo. Hancock said he has been told that affiliation is not currently required to compete, but that could change as the sport grows in the state.

Community Service Education Alliance

The Community Service Education Alliance is a shoot-off of the Be the Good initiative that began at the high school toward the start of the school year. However, club advisor Teresa Saurey said the club will go beyond the JustServe-focused initiative, and will help students develop various ways to find service opportunities in their communities.

The stated purpose of the club is “to educate students and citizens about the benefits of community service and encourage them to participate as individuals, families, and/or other groups by researching, implementing, or advocating for service opportunities within the community.” Saurey said the club will meet at least twice a month.

Students will be able to complete senior projects through the club as well, Saurey said. She said senior projects can be completed at any time during a student’s high school career, though the presentation on the project will be their senior year. Another goal for the club is to eventually present to middle and elementary school students.

“This year, we’re probably not going to get to that point,” Saurey said.

She said the hope is the club will not be one for only honors students or “students who are looking to go above and beyond for their college applications.” Instead, she said she hopes anyone interested in service will join.