Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Taylor will be bringing on a temporary attorney to fill in the open position in his office as COVID-19 closures have delayed his candidate from receiving their Idaho license to practice.

The temporary fill-in will be done by Ryan Jolley, a deputy Prosecuting Attorney with Bonneville County.

“Mr. Stavynskyy has been able to handle the load himself thus far but he’s unable to continue doing it while we wait for another deputy attorney,” Taylor said.

Jolley will be brought on as a contract employee to be paid at a rate of $5,000 a month, which will be prorated weekly until the arrival of a permanent deputy prosecuting attorney.

The commissioners approved the contract stating that they will still be operating under budget despite the line item for contract workers being used previous to Taylor’s taking office.

“We understand that we’ll be over budget in one line and under in another line,” said Commissioner Scott Hancock.