Repairs following the 2017 flooding west of Roberts have paid off after warm temperatures and rain caused minor flooding to occur in the area in late February.

Public Works Administrator Dave Walrath informed the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners March 4 that adding the additional six-foot culvert on 2600 E. prevented water from encroaching onto the roadway.

“I’m pleased with that one,” he said. “The stuff that we did on 100 N. between 2100 E. and 1800 E., those all held up really well.”

Commissioner Scott Hancock said there are two locations on 100 N. that he believes needs to be raised and culverts added.

“We may still have flooding, we’re not out of the woods,” he said.

During the flooding, the county closed 2600 E. from County Line to 200 N. and 2100 E. between 100 N. and 400 N. to traffic. Through the closure, county road and bridge crews were active in the area clearing drainage paths and moving snow away from the roads.

Flooding subsided last week due to the frigid temperatures however it has in-turn prevented the ground from thawing allowing the high water to permeate.

In February, 2017 the area experienced severe flooding that destroyed over three miles of roadway that cost the county approximately $300,000. Since then, additional culverts have been added and roadsides have been armored to handle flowing water without encroaching onto the driving surface.

“All in all we came out pretty well; pretty unscathed,” Walrath said.

In other discussion, the commissioners approved increasing the department’s compensation time to 120 hours due to the high number of snow storms in February.

Walrath said one employee has already exceeded the recently upped comp time of 100 hours and that he expects a few more.

“I think there’s going to be more because of last week,” he said. “I don’t anticipate that we’re going to be out again every weekend like we were in February, that was just a crazy month as far as weather goes.”

The commissioners approved an increase in comp time from 80 hours to 100 during a Jan. 22 meeting that was set to last until May 1 and then revert back to 80.

The commissioners unanimously approved increasing the comp time to 120 hours and then having it return to 80 hours May 1.

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