West Jefferson School Dist. #253 was approved to receive their bond. The board received 69.5% in favor, and 30.5% against the bond; the board passed the bond by 2%.

According to Superintendent Shane Williams, there are only two states in the U.S. that requires a Super Majority for bond elections. There needs to be a 66 and 2/3 majority in order to pass the bond.

Williams stated he inherited the buildings and facilities when he became superintendent, and what he wants to do is make sure to keep those facilities for future generations.

Williams mentioned the process for a bond is a little more complicated in order to receive the money. The board will now have to go out into the Bond Market and look for investors who are willing to bring money into the bond.

“This is not a fun part of being a superintendent, is going to the community and saying that I’m going to raise your taxes,” said Williams. “That is not popular. My job, however, is to be trusted to do what is best for the facilities, the kids and the school district. The state does not provide money for major building projects.”

Williams stated the district is paid the bare bones to pay salaries, keep the lights on and maintenance: everything else is required to come back through the local community. This is required of every single school district.

“I’m excited about the projects that we have with this,” Williams said. “I am humbled by the support we received from the community.”

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