A bigger lunchroom. A revamped gym and bleachers. A multi-use facility.

Those are some of the ideas West Jefferson School District No. 253 trustees threw around during their January discussion of a bond proposal that could make it to the ballot this fall.

Superintendent Shane Williams said they plan to meet with architects and construction managers to obtain cost estimates on the projects soon. He said toward the end of March and in April, the district will likely hold community meetings to gather public input, though he said he has spoken with a few patrons in parental advisory meetings.

“We’re just looking for public input right now,” Williams said. “I’ve been seeking that input.”

When asked about the bond proposal, Williams first addressed the bigger lunchroom. He said the current lunchroom — which serves K-12 — is too small, forcing lunches to be spread over long periods of time.

“We can barely get 100 students in it,” Williams said.

The other large, new construction project would be the multi-use facility. Williams said it would be located near the football and baseball field and provide toilets and a concession stand for games.

“Right now we just have porta-potties and there is no concession stand,” Williams said.

Williams said it could also be used as a practice gym for junior high school students and be a location for spring sports practices.

Williams said the other projects discussed would mostly be remodeling, including revamping the high school gym and bleachers, the auditorium and a few classrooms.

The board will continue to discuss bond options. Regular board meetings are at 6 p.m. the third Thursday of each month and members of the public can attend. The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Feb. 20.