The West Jefferson School Dist. #253 Board of Trustees discussed using Plant Facility Funds for improvements at Hamer Elementary and West Jefferson High School, as well as for the purchase of a metal cutter for the Ag Shop.

Plant Facility Funds are eligible to be used to furnish and equip, and model and repair existing buildings in a school district. West Jefferson is currently under a ten year Plant Facility Bond, which is set to expire during the 2024-2025 school year.

According to information sheets on the action items involving the fund, the current Plant Facility amount is $300,000 and ⅓ to ½ of that amount is earmarked for annual transportation purchases. The district’s goal is to maintain a balance of $200,000 for unforeseen facility emergencies.

The balance of the plant facility account as of this meeting is $385,439.93 (minus $200,000), leaving $185,439.93 to be used through the end of the fiscal year ending June 30th.

The first project presented at the meeting focused on concerns regarding the roof at Hamer Elementary on the east side where there are leaks near the main entrance, near the lunchroom and the music room.

The district received a bid of $37,240 to complete the repairs and this was approved by the school board.

The next project is aimed at remodeling the art room at West Jefferson High School to include drop ceilings, tile removal/floor buffing and new cabinets. The ceilings would cost approximately $14,200 for four classrooms, floors would be $6,354, and new cabinets would cost about $13,000. The total would be $33,554.

These projects, which were originally addressed during a work meeting Feb. 9 according to the project description, were approved by the board.

Finally, the purchase of a metal cutter was presented, as the 40+ year old metal cutter from the Ag Shop broke and was unable to be repaired. The price for a new Ironworker Metal-cutter model would cost $10,816 and the cutter would allow the welding and ag fabrication classes the necessary equipment for those programs.

This purchase was also approved by the council, leaving $103,892.93 in the Plant Facilities Fund.