West Jefferson School Dist. #253 Superintendent Shane Williams is proposing a $1.5 million bond that will be presented with an election on August 31.

Williams stated the school board has been in bond discussions for the past six months to a year going over how much funds they will need and what they will use the funds for. The contract has been submitted to the county.

According to Williams, the funds will be for facility upkeep, roofing projects, safety upgrades, high school gym remodel/high school commons, auditorium upgrades, and to rebuild the track. The school is not looking to add anything new.

Williams stated a school bond is going to the community and asking for their support to take care of our buildings because the state of Idaho does not provide money to take care of them.

"Our biggest concern right now is having an estimate on increasing construction costs to make sure we don't over adjust too much because it will be a burden on the community," said Williams. "We have been very cautious on our considerations for improvements."

According to Williams, as the board looked over their bonds from the past ten years, and the tax levy rate the district has, it has been $358 per $100,000 of taxable income. With this proposed bond, the overall tax rate will be less than what the ten year average has been.

"The reason we ask for bonds, anything that involves the buildings, has to come from local communities," said Williams. "The school is a reflection of the community."

Williams stated the board will be sending out informational flyers from the district. Individuals who have questions about the bond are asked to contact either the superintendent or the school board.

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