Helen Norma Jones


Jones returned to her Father in Heaven, at the age of 99, on January 1, 2021. She passed away peacefully at home, in her sleep, just the way she wanted, and was finally reunited with the love of her life and eternal companion, Jink William Jones.

Most people who know her know her as “Norma,” but for all of her childhood up until she married Jink, she went by Helen Norma. Norma was born on Aug 3, 1921 in Malad, Idaho to Eli Benjamin and Mary Thomas Jones. She was the youngest of nine children, six brothers and two sisters.

Growing up, Norma lived on a 160-acre family farm in Malad called ‘The Bend’. The family lived in a two-bedroom log house without electricity or indoor plumbing. They were poor but, living on a farm, they always had plenty of food. Norma remembered her mom baking bread nine loaves at a time a couple of times a week...depending on how many mouths they were feeding. Often, they were feeding 10 to 12 extra men who were there as field hands working on the farm.

Her dad never owned a car so they would travel by horse and buggy when they needed to go to town. They always had horses and Norma’s brothers liked to take her for rides to town with them on the horses. Norma went to school in Malad and graduated from Malad High School. She was an excellent speller, winning several spelling competitions. A school friend would introduce Norma to her cousin, Jink William Jones, who, after dating for a few years until he graduated from college in Logan, she would marry.

Norma’s maiden name was also Jones so she became Helen Norma Jones Jones. They were married on Feb. 13th, 1941 in Brigham City, UT. Their union was later solemnized in the Idaho Falls temple, 22 years later on their anniversary, Feb. 13th 1963. Norma later wrote that this was a “joyful and wonderful experience”. Norma and Jink lived in several different places before finally settling down in Rigby, Idaho, including, Spokane, Montpelier, Salmon and Arco.

When Jink was drafted during WWII in 1943, Norma returned home to Malad to live with her mom with her 9-month-old child, Janiel. Jink enjoyed one short furlough to see his wife and child during his two years in service, 9 months later, their second daughter, Patricia, was born. Norma and Jink would welcome two more children to complete their family, Michael, their only son, and Sandra, the baby.

Shortly after Sandra was born, they bought and moved onto the farm in Rigby on Mother’s Day in 1954. There the family would stay. Jink was able to pursue his dream of having a Black Angus Ranch and Norma was his constant companion, help and support. Norma worked hard every day of her life. She always had a big garden and was a dutiful canner. She was an amazing cook and everyone knew you couldn’t go to Grandma’s house without being fed. She was never idle and always had to be busy doing something.

Norma lived an exemplary life and was the personification of service. She was always thinking of others; doing everything she could to help and to lift and forever praying for her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren and anyone else in need.

Norma converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a teenager and was an active, faithful and devout member every day of her life. She served in many different callings throughout her life, twice as relief society president, and spent many years as compassionate service leader. These were very fitting callings for her because whether or not she was called to care for her neighbors, she would be found doing it regardless.

Norma was preceded in death by her parents, 8 siblings, 2 daughters, grandson and great grandson. She is survived by her daughter, Janiel (Roger) Brucks, son, Michael (Pam) Jones, both of Rigby, ID, 8 grandchildren, 29 great grandchildren and 7 great, great grandchildren.