Backyard prisoners

If you want to experience a real “downer” then just drive around and look at all the dogs that are chained and penned usually in abysmal situations ... poor shelters, filthy surroundings, poor quality food, frozen water, exposure to the elements, isolation, etc. Often the miserable creatures are confined at the back of the lot as far from human contact as possible. Many are riddled with worms and other parasites that magnify their pitiful plights.

You know the scenario having witnessed it many times. You don’t want to think about it so you just pass on by. Out of sight, out of mind ... right?

However the suffering continues but perhaps, just perhaps, you could have made a difference had you acted rather than looked away. Should you see a questionable situation ask law enforcement to investigate. Idaho does have animal cruelty laws and minimum care requirements however meager they are. And always ask for a “call-back” so that you will know that your request was followed up on and the resolution. Just maybe you might have improved a dog’s life a bit. Wouldn’t that be worth a good night’s sleep?

Another suggestion ... take a picture (don’t trespass) and post it on FACEBOOK. It’s amazing what can happen there! Many a cruelty case has been brought to light there as posts are channeled to the authorities.

And if you are the perpetrator of such a situation then YOU are a WARDEN and THEY are Prisoners.

Andi Elliott


An open letter to Democrats and political liberals

President Donald Trump has his share of faults, but he’s not a dictator who doesn’t fear repercussions as many of you claim to be the case. Keep in mind that the judicial and legislative branches of the federal government are keeping a close eye on Trump.

Talk about impeachable offenses….Obama was the terribly abusive one….i.e. using the IRS against his political enemies….sending $140,000,000,000 (140-billion dollars) to Iran in the middle of the night without congressional authorization from congress, which in my opinion, is an impeachable offense….knowingly having Trump’s telephone lines and texts monitored during the campaign of 2016.

Using a telephone conversation with the leader of Ukraine where Trump made no threats is an impeachable offense???

Really??? That’s political nonsense and a real s-t-r-e-t-c-h.

Speaking of the rule of law, Democrats, especially Trump haters including California Congressmen Adam Schiff and New York’s Jerry Nadler, have abused it greatly with closed door hearings. That has never been done before in the history of impeachments of our previous presidents. Johnson, Nixon and Clinton all had fair, open public hearings, and not the sneaky behind-the-scene hearings with selected leaks from Schiff to the press to make Trump look as bad as possible.

What about the scandal of Biden’s son accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars for being on the board of directors of some Ukrainian gas company while Biden himself was V.P. of the U.S.? Biden threatened the Ukrainian Prime Minister that he better fire their attorney general investigating this scandal within a few hours or else Biden will withhold a billion dollars in U.S. federal aid. That is a serious conflict-of-interest involving Biden’s son where that country’s natural gas company is paying Hunter Biden over $50,000 a month for doing nothing as a member of their board of directors.

Meanwhile, the U.S. press virtually ignores this disgusting scandal!

As a retired radio & TV news reporter, that’s zero credibility in my book. I always got both sides of the story when I reported on controversies. In other words, I put my political biases aside and was always fair with my reporting.

So why can’t today’s reporters do the same??

Trump’s treatment by major newspapers and electronic media is disgusting at best.

Republicans are certainly no angels either, but at least they are nowhere nearly as bad as Democrats.

Bob Ziel