Biden Administration is pitiful and incompetent

President Joe Biden and his staff are clueless over many issues facing them, but none is more appalling than their handling of the evacuation of Afghanistan.

What has happened in the Middle-east is very distressing to me as a Navy Vietnam veteran and to millions of other vets who feel the same way as I do. We’ve lost many soldiers, sailors and airmen for nothing, which is a terrible waste of precious human resources.

In fairness to Biden, four or so previous presidents are each culpable in their own way for mishandling this awful mess, but without a doubt it must be said that the greatest share of burden belongs to Biden.

No doubt, many Jefferson and Clark County residents are disgusted over our chief executive’s inept foreign policy as well as millions of others nationwide and worldwide.

We’re leaving behind 80-billion dollars worth of high-tech military equipment, which ISIS and our other enemies will be using against us. For Biden to allow war equipment to fall into enemy hands is intolerable and bordering on treason.

This is especially galling for U.S. taxpayers who have to foot this huge bill with such a massive waste of money.

Furthermore, it’s an even greater tragedy that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of innocent Americans and Afghan allied civilians are being left behind enemy lines. The Biden Administration cannot defend the fate that awaits decent people who will likely become victims of terrible torture and murders by terrorists. Biden is one-hundred percent responsible for this human catastrophe.

The mental toll of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) of Afghanistan veterans is profound. More help, in the form of additional needed counseling from the VA, may be on its way. To quote Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) and a group of his colleagues in a recent press release: “We write in light of the recent events in Afghanistan to encourage the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to quickly develop a comprehensive outreach plan to connect Afghanistan and Global War on Terrorism veterans to VA benefits and services.”

Thank you, Senator Crapo. Thank you, Veterans Administration.

Biden had an adequate amount of time of over seven months to properly plan for the pullout in Afghanistan. He and his staff have failed decent American and Afghan citizens, our military plus federal contractors. All of them worked bravely and tirelessly, often under dangerous circumstances.

Is it any wonder that we have lost our credibility, integrity and prestige around the world?

Bob Ziel

Idaho Falls

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