Disappointment with local government

Rigby Residents,

Look around! Like what you see since our last* mayor change for our city government’s transgressions and failures?

Our mayor researched and found a $300,000 a year way to cut police costs. Contract with the locally situated Sheriff’s office and close the police department! Cooler heads prevailed and instead we hired another officer for scheduling purposes? Huh? Why?

That $300,000 pales in comparison to the $364,000 hush money payment we made to the lady who pointed out to the mayor, a city council member, and an all powerful clerk they were abusing their powers, interfering with agencies and protocol beyond their scope of duties! Settled out of court $364,000 payout to make whistleblower go away! Wonder why they didn’t take the case to a jury?!! Oh... I get it! Guilty!

No letter of apology accompanied the three resignations that were never tendered! I’m sure they’re nice folks but my opinion is, they have no business in Rigby city government!

What the hell is Urban Renewal! And who empowers S. Abbott and the others? Reason I ask? Several months ago they sent $35,000 (whose $35,000 do you think it was?) to Pocatello. Seems Pocatello had a desire to build a monument and being a good neighbor, we sent the money!

You and I are solicited by phone and mail, several times a month, for contributions to toilets for Angoca, to feed for the antelope, and Trump’s legal bills. One can politely say no. Why wasn’t that the answer Pocatello got? Ain’t right and will someone please close my wallet to self-serving egotists?!

Dispute over courthouse meeting failures, several thousand dollars involved. Who won? Contractor’s attorneys, check, our attorney, none. Courthouse additions water table problems. Again, thousands of dollars at stake. Who won? Contractor’s attorney, check, our attorney, none.

Our sewer plant failures will cost over $2,000,000 to repair and eradicate. Equipment failure again and again. Contractor, win, city, none. What do you suppose your** sewer bill will look like a year from now?

Then there’s the $40,000 we bought the rodeo grounds (park) for. Sold it for $9,000! Didn’t replant the lawn – uh weeds – and left a child’s trap set under a piece of 3x5 plywood.

Hass Keller and Associates ever lost a bid in Rigby? Just askin’!

Our city government would have you believe they’re going to “potentially” save us significant money on our garbage service.

Truth is, they took bids and accepted a $12 or there about bid for weekly can pickups, ignore the $8 a can bid of an established refuse service! When the lights came on and this came out, they decided to revisit the problem later! You think they expect us to forget?

Urban Renewal and both city and county leaders (use that term lightly) have about sold the farm. We are quickly becoming a suburb! The strip malls have begun along with hundreds of new housing starts. The traffic snarls will only grow as the lights of small town living diminish.

We have been and are being sold out and asked to pay for it as we go!

Money has to come from somewhere. Wait ‘til you get a look at your next tax bill!

I speak for myself only.

Dan Taylor


*We need a new city attorney that represents the people.

**Property taxes goin’ up, ya think?