I, like Grant Hunter, wholeheartedly applaud what President Trump has accomplished for America. And to those DEMS out there…take time to do some research and learn about all the records in unemployment/job growth/minority support, etc. that the Trump administration has achieved. NO other president has ever kept their promises as President Trump has done. And 73.4 million of us voted to re-elect him. Did you know that other countries have been electing leaders in the image of our President hoping for the same great changes for their countries?

When Joe Biden goes on public media and proclaims that they have created the most efficient voter fraud system (starting with Obama as Joe says) in history, take him at his word. To quote him: We have created the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” We are now in the midst of the most dangerous threat to our Republic (NOT democracy) in the history of this country. You can see it from the horse’s (donkey’s) mouth on the net.

Did you hear him “bumble” through a press conference yesterday…we have watched for months now as dementia has taken over while on public display. Sad way to end a career. He needs to go home with some measure of dignity.

No where in history has a president inspired throngs of people as Trump has. The crowds have been amazing…tens of thousands of people show up to rally in support knowing that Trump truly loves America and its people. Dems treat Americans like “useful idiots” as minorities well know. Are you one of them?

Andi Elliott