I just want to tell everybody what a wonderful School District I live in and have the pleasure of being a Trustee in! I'm thankful my job allows me the flexibility to effectively volunteer (school board members are not paid) and work.

This morning I was reading about the situation in West Ada School District. They have a teacher's Union encouraging them to protest School being in-person while they are in red. So far they have had 700 teachers call in sick Monday. Then on the other hand, they have parents filing for recall of Trustees because they chose to do a hybrid solution trying to keep kids in school only partially instead of full time in red. So the district Admin and board are being completely torn apart between teachers and parents. What is a district to do in that situation when they are so divided and can't seem to discuss a compromise and work it out? We've been fortunate to have not as many cases and not being put in that same situation yet. But I know we have better parents and faculty and administration that could come to an agreeable resolution without all of the maneuvering and one sidedness. There are trustees resigning because of the stress of the situation, four hour board meetings with no resolution, on and on.

What I hope we all remember is that NO ONE has been in this situation, communication and compromise will get us through. I'll be the first to admit I grumbled when my kids had to wear masks, but I knew it was what could possibly help us stay in school so we do it. That is where I hope my kids get to stay.

Bravo Jefferson County!

Leanna Poole

Menan, Idaho