I, Jim W. Tarpley, sincerely wish to apologize to the Jefferson Star, Earlene, and the reporter that interviewed me, and my son on the phone.

I received a phone call from the Jefferson Star sometime in September. I am extremely hard of hearing, with dementia, and, couldn’t understand what the call was about, so I gave the phone to my son and left the house to take care of chores. Later he told me what it was about, said he took care of it – most of the stuff he told the reporter was what he had heard over the years, and, misunderstood.

Our Team had a reunion in 1967 in Sacramento, California, that’s where our confrontation with Hanoi Jane (Jane Fonda) took place – The first half of my interview was with my son as the reporter knows – I met the reporter later in Idaho Falls Idaho, had a nice visit, never claimed and never have claimed to be a Navy Seal, they didn’t even have Navy Seals at that time. It appears the two of us really screwed up the interview. If I would of had the opportunity to review the article, it, would have been entirely different, I have great respect for the Navy Seals, the U.S. Navy and all veterans, especially the ones on my team and in the V.F.W. post I belong to. I am proud to be a veteran now, as the Veterans administration, our local V.A. Clinic are first class and take good care of me. I am so sorry this article has caused so much trouble.

Therefore, I have to retract the Veteran of the month article in the Sept. 30, 2020 of The Jefferson Star as not documented and misinformed. I also wish to apologize to the Navy, the Navy Seals, my past Teammates, my brothers in the V.F.W., and, all other veterans of that time, I truly hope this puts this matter to rest. I also wish to the thank all veterans for their service, and, The Jefferson Star for the great job they do for the community and the veterans.

Sincerely Jim W. Tarpley

Dubois, Idaho