The 1619 Project

The 1619 Project….have you heard of it? Well, it’s already in 4500 schools across the country and was developed by the New York Times and the Open Society organization (think George Soros who has openly sworn to destroy America). It’s purpose: to rewrite our history. The goal: to produce “white guilt” over slavery resulting in people begging to give blacks reparations (which Asheville, NC just voted to do) so as to purge their consciences and to learn to be ashamed of our nation. It’s teaching our kids to despise “whiteness”. And schools are swallowing it up because it’s “free” and the “leftists” are in control of our education system.

Do you want your kids being taught that our country began in 1619 with slavery or that it was formed in 1776 with the Declaration of Independence and the subsequent Constitution? Or that the American Revolution was fought to protect slavery? Do you want your kids to be taught a message of guilt for “whites”?

We’re are currently watching the wrath of students that have been “educated” by the current system. Is this what we want our kids to be taught…self-loathing and a hatred for America and ignorance of our founding? Call your school and ask whether the 1619 Project material is being used as part of the curriculum. And if it is, demand that it be removed.

The Black Lives Matter webpage states as one of their goals (besides elevating gays, etc.) a dedication to destroying the nuclear family and have developed a curriculum already being implemented in school systems. If we don’t recapture our education system then prepare for “thugs” to be coming to your neighborhood sooner rather than later. And many will be “homegrown”.

Andi Elliott