After living and raising our family in Rigby for 43-years, it’s time to say “good-bye” to this fine community.

Age is slowly catching up with us (but we’re still “active” for the old-timers that we are) and so we’re relocating in Idaho Falls. We will be nearby our three sons, daughters-in-law and nine wonderful grandchildren. Living in a condominium will be nice with no snow to shovel in the winter and grass and shrubs to maintain in the summer.

Since we moved here in March of 1978, Rigby’s population has grown considerably from about 2,500 to around 4,300-plus inhabitants today. I wouldn’t be surprised if the population will be over 7-thousand in the 2030 census.

Except for a few homes and farmland, there was nothing north of Dove Avenue by the Annis Highway way back in ’78. Today, there’s the Jefferson County Courthouse complex. Also, there are plenty of apartments together with fast food establishments and other businesses along Stockham Boulevard. Further north, literally hundreds of houses are either in the planning stage or under construction.

Rigby may be losing a bit of its small town charm, but it’s still a decent place to live in and raise a family.

So long Rigby, we’ll miss you with many fond memories.

Bob Ziel

Idaho Falls

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