Voter fraud must be dealt with in states outside of Idaho

In this turbulent political and social unrest era in our history, I sure am glad and grateful to be living in Idaho. While government in the Gem State isn’t perfect, compared to some other states it’s clean and scandal free of voter fraud.

“Rigged” is a an adjective that appropriately describes election fiascos in a few states including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and our neighbors to the south, notably Nevada and also likely Arizona.

President Donald Trump and his legal team are justified in launching investigations of scandals in counting ballots in the previously mentioned states plus major cities including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee, Las Vegas and Phoenix Metro regions.

Trump critics are accusing the president of being a “sore loser.” Perhaps that’s in Trump’s character, but the overriding concern here are some very serious discrepancies of alleged cheating when casting and counting ballots.

R. Grant Hunter of Terreton should be commended for his exceptionally well written letter published in last week’s issue of The Jefferson Star (“Hope For Trump”-Nov. 18th). He was positive and articulate where he thanked President Trump for his four years of numerous accomplishments. Mr. Hunter’s views likely reflect that of so many other Idahoans.

Now let’s contrast thousands and likely millions of illegally cast ballots in some other states to that of Idaho. When my wife and I went to vote where we recognized by some of the poll workers, we still had to produce picture ID’s. Next, we signed the voter log book. We marked our ballots and then placed them in a secure box. The poll worker announced that “Virginia Ziel has voted” followed by “Bob Ziel has voted.” Finally, we had to sign a second log book certifying that we cast our ballots. Oh, and yes, we were given stickers proudly proclaiming that we had voted.

“Integrity” is a noun that best describes Idaho’s voting system. Clerks and their staffs in Jefferson, Clark and Idaho’s 42 other counties are to be commended for their professional and ethical conduct.

County clerks across Idaho clear their voting logs every four years of residents and former residents who not voted in that time period. Certainly that is the way it should be, which further helps to prevent a massive clutter of voters on the rolls as years go by. This is an important lesson authorities in some other states and cities could learn from us. This especially true in Chicago where “dead” people are still on the rolls. They’ve been voting the past 60 years going as far back as the Kennedy-Nixon presidential contest of 1960.

President Trump has received a raw deal from the national press. Love him or loathe him, Trump’s treatment by major media outlets is nothing short of appalling. AP (Associated Press) plus various major out-of-state newspapers, CNN and MSNBC could learn a lesson from Adams Publishing Group of reporters. The Jefferson Star is a member of the APG group of newspapers where I find it refreshing to read unbiased and credibly written news stories by the company’s reporters.

If each and every ballot is not properly and honestly accounted for, then what’s the purpose of having a democratic or republic form of government?

Bob Ziel is a retired news reporter who resides in Rigby.