The regular high school softball season will soon be coming to an end, and the Rigby, Ririe and West Jefferson teams will be improving their skills to prepare for the district tournament.

Lady Trojans

The Lady Trojans have had up-and-down moments this season.

Coach Steve Anderson said his team hasn’t been playing as well as they did at the beginning of the season.

He said this is mainly due to their pitchers having sore arms. He said one of their main focuses for districts will be to get them healthy.

In addition, Anderson said the team has made some critical errors these last few games. However, he said the players are hitting the ball well stealing a lot of bases.

The Lady Trojans start districts next week.

Lady Bulldogs

The Lady Bulldogs are having an exciting first-ever season.

Coach Doug Stevenson said he is proud of his team’s performance.

“I am thrilled by the team’s performance; we have had a couple close games against some great schools,” he said. “The girls are still improving every day; I have seen many positives.”

Stevenson said the girls have been eager to learn more about the game.

“All my players are wanting to learn new positions, and they all have very positive attitudes despite our record,” he said.

Additionally, Stevenson said the players have shown great promise in different areas of the game.

“We have had some great pitching, some double plays, some great hits,” he said. “We have some very fast players, and when they get on base, they are able to steal all the way home.”

Since this is the team’s first season, Stevenson said there have been some challenges, like not having a practice field and there being lack of equipment.

“Traveling to practice is a big challenge, and not having a field of our own,” he said. “Starting a new program, there is a lack of equipment that other schools use to improve pitching, hitting and batting that will take time to purchase as we progress with this program.”

The Lady Bulldogs will continue to improve and accomplish the goals they set earlier this season, according to Stevenson.

“It is amazing how fast each player has picked up the game,” he said. “I believe every player has met their goals they set at the beginning of the season. As with every sport, there is no limit on improvement, with time the players are on course to become amazing players.”

Stevenson said he looks forward to watching each player become better with each game.

“These players are great to watch,” he said. “Every time someone does something new they all are so excited. Watching them celebrate every accomplishment no matter how small is makes us as coaches so proud.”

The Lady Bulldogs have a record of 1-7, as of April 24. They play at North Fremont today and at Tautphaus Park on Thursday against Shelley.

Lady Panthers

The Lady Panthers are making progress this season.

Coach Raquel Torgerson said her team’s main strength is their unity.

“They’re a good team,” she said. “I think they’re very unified.”

Torgerson said a recent tournament in Malad has helped the team become more focused on the game.

“It switched gears for us,” she said. “We all have the same focus, and we believe in each other.”

With only a few weeks left in the season, Torgerson said she would like to see her team cut down their outs and be consistent on the field.

The Lady Panthers have a record of 8-9, as of April 25. They play at Firth on Thursday.


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